Why You Are Wrong About the Purpose of Funerals

There are popular sentiments of a couple generations of people that go something like this: “Just put me in a pine box and throw me in the ground”. This is the belief that having a funeral is about drawing attention to one ’s self and making one’s self the centre of attention. “I just want to... Read more

Your Questions About Cremation

What Is A Columbarium? A Columbarium is a wall like structure often found in the cemetery grounds, with numerous small compartments called niches designed to hold  urns or vessels containing cremated remains. The niches may be rectangular or sometimes cylindrical. A small plaque with the deceased’s name and details cover the opening to mark the final... Read more

Your Questions About Burials

How Deep Is The Grave? In the Toowoomba Region, most graves are dug to 6 or 7 feet (1.8m – 2.1 m) deep suitable for 2 burials, one on top of the other. This has become common practice in many regions, in an effort to use cemetery space more effectively than single graves side by... Read more

Southbrook Ladies Friendship Group

We are often invited to discuss with community groups  the benefits of pre-arranging funerals and placing your affairs in order, and this was certainly the case at the Southbrook Ladies Friendship Group when we visited during 2017. Some of the ladies had sadly lost their Husbands, and as they gathered together for mutual support, we answered their... Read more