5 beautiful and unique options for your loved one’s ashes after cremation

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

When it comes to choosing what to do with your loved one’s ashes, you may decide to go down the more traditional path of having them placed in a wall niche or garden area at one of our beautiful cemeteries or an urn for your keeping. While this is a beautiful option for many, others may look for different options. What you do with your loved ones cremated remains will depend on how you personally want to remember them and honour their legacy.

Australian Heritage Funeral have some beautiful less traditional options for your loved one’s ashes that fit into the unique categories below. We offer some lovely keepsake jewellery pieces so you can memorialise your loved one in a more intimate and personal way. We have items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, charms/beads and even keychains. You can browse our gorgeous collection here in our catalogue on page 54:  view catalogue here Should you find a piece that resonates with you please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We also offer an array of traditional and non-traditional urns such as teddy bear, love heart and bird shaped urns. We have tealight urns, teardrop urns and outdoor urns should you wish to create an outdoor memorial for your loved one. We have so many beautiful options to help you memorialise your loved one, additionally so many of our urns are able to be personalised to make them perfect for you and your loved one.  You can view them all in more detail here in our catalogue: view catalogue here  or feel free to contact one of our staff members today to chat further.

You may find yourself in a situation where you are searching for other options for your loved one’s ashes. You might be looking to keep your beloved family member’s memory alive in a different way. We have put together a small list of 5 lovely, alternative, yet memorable ideas for your beloved’s ashes.


  1. Turn their cremations into jewellery 

If you like the idea of feeling your loved one close by, a thoughtful option is to have their ashes turned into jewellery that family members and close friends can wear. It can be both a loving tribute to your lost one and an opportunity to honour them by creating something beautiful that contains their remains or is made of them. Heart in DiamondImmeryours and Keepsake Jewellery are some wonderful companies within Australia who are helping families honour their loved one in this way. The care, love and respect that goes into these pieces is comforting when grieving the loss of a loved one.


  1. Turn their creations into a tree. 

There is nothing more beautiful than new life. Watching a tree, plant or flowers grow is an amazing process and you can now have your loved one’s ashes turned into an enduring memory tree. These urns are an enchanting concept, they allow you to grow a ‘living memory’ of your loved one. They are typically have 2 sections, one filled with the seedlings or plant and the second with the cremated remains. It is as simple as planting the urn in the ground and watching it grow into a wonderful thriving tree.

Tree of memoriesThe Living Urn and Soul Trees are 3 Australian companies helping you to honour your loved one in this way.


  1. Create a vinyl record from their ashes. 

Was your loved one in a band? Were they musically talented or maybe they just had an incredible love for music? You can now have a musical memory of them by having their ashes pressed into a vinyl record. You can choose the album, songs, voice messages, phone calls or other audio to put on the record. It is an incredibly moving way remember your beloved and something you can keep forever and listen to in those moments when you are missing them more than usual. Unfortunately, there are currently no Australian companies that have this service however, And Vinyly in the U.K service internationally and have some incredibly moving reviews.


  1. Teddy Bear Urns

Tragically for some, they may have faced the loss of a little one, the grief of losing a child can be unbearable and finding an honourable urn to remember them can be a difficult time. Often nothing feels quite right but finding the perfect option can be the first piece of comfort and step in the healing process. Cremation bears are soft cuddly toy bears designed to hold a beautiful small urn securely in their chest, which you can fill with a small portion of cremation ashes, flowers, burial dirt, or any other treasured items to remember your angel. They can be a small comfort and provide a much-needed hug when you need it most. Cami BearThe Eddy Bear Company, and Keep It Unique Keepsakes all offer teddy bears that will help you to honour your angels.


  1. Turn them into the sculpture or painting 

Turning your loved one’s ashes into artwork is a creative, memorable and expressive way to be able to honour and remember them. The artist will mix your loved ones ashes with your choice of material, paint, wood, or clay and work alongside you to create something that represents your beloved. These pieces allow you to remember the best of someone by creating a personal art tribute that can be hung in the house, keeping your loved one close by and visible for the whole family to cherish. Perfect Farewells have a range of artists who can help you create the perfect memorable masterpiece.

Finding the perfect way to memorialise your loved one can take time and only you will know which option is right for you. Hopefully, this list provides you with some additional options to what you first thought was available to you. These are some incredibly beautiful and thoughtful ways to remember your loved one and no matter how you choose to remember them, their memories and love will be with you forever.