Columbarium Niche, Explained

Sunday, 29 January 2023

What is a niche? 

A niche is a permanent, above ground location in which to place an urn that contains cremation ashes. Niches are typically located in a cemetery, mausoleum, or chapel. It can stand on its own or in an arrangement of niches, called a columbarium.  

A columbarium is a structure used to store and often display urns containing cremated remains. The structure is typically a wall, room, or building, usually made from brick or concrete. Niches and columbarium’s can be located indoors or outdoors. 

What to consider when picking a columbarium niche  

If you or a loved on has decided to be cremated and laid to rest at a columbarium, the following should be considered. 

  • Position on the columbarium wall:
    – Close to or next to relatives
    – Level on the wall 
  • Size of urn – ensure it fits within the niche  
  • Size of niche – double niches may be available for those who wish to be interred beside a spouse or family member  
  • Plaque – what text will you include? 
  • Ceremony – do you wish to hold an interment of ashes ceremony? 

Why use a columbarium niche? 

There are several reasons to use a columbarium niche for yourself or a loved one. For some, it is a way to remain close to their loved ones, to have a dedicated resting place for your loved one outside of your home if you don’t want to scatter the remains. They also provide a general location that all family members and friends can visit at any time.  

The Garden of Remembrance has beautiful areas where the cremated remains or ashes can be placed in wall niches or garden areas, we can also arrange services at other cremation facilities such as in Brisbane and other crematoriums in Southeast Queensland.  


For local cremation facilities, the services are held in our Chapel, and the coffin will be taken to the crematorium on the same day of the funeral unless discussed otherwise.  

The decision of placing ashes does not need to be made immediately, and we suggest you take the time to consider the best option for your family.