Hearse Personalisation

Monday, 20 June 2022

There are few tasks more moving or necessary than transporting a loved one to their final place of rest. The funeral transport is an important part of the funeral preparations.

The final journey can be an emotional and poignant part of the service and often families look to personalise this by selecting a vehicle to reflect the life and passions of their loved one. From a traditional hearse, a majestic horse drawn carriage through to a motorcycle hearse, Australian Heritage Funerals have a wide range of funeral transport options available to help you create a unique and fitting tribute. Ultimately, the choice of a funeral car is an entirely personal one.

Funeral Hearse: How to Choose

There are many different types of hearses. Depending on the wishes of the deceased, their interests, or hobbies, you could honour them by arranging something more personal for the funeral procession. The hearse is the most traditional type of funeral car. These long, glass sided estate vehicles are specially designed for carrying coffins and are the most popular option due to their cost-effectiveness and the availably.

You may decide to opt for something a little more unique and go for a horse-drawn hearse. A classic and profoundly elegant funeral choice, horse drawn hearse carriages are modelled with internal and external rails for flowers. Despite the vintage design, they can accommodate a variety of modern and traditional caskets and coffins. The Heritage Vintage Horse Drawn Hearse is a beautiful piece of Australian History. The remnants were located on a farm at Hirstglen in 1981 and has been fully restored from its original use in the Gatton area prior to the 1900s. It is a special way to convey your loved one to the funeral – especially for those with a love of horses, Australian history, rural life, or vintage vehicles.

Motorcycle hearses are also becoming a more popular option for modern-day funerals. These uniquely designed motorcycles feature a large sidecar for transporting the casket and are popular among motorcycle enthusiasts, often followed by a large motorcade of friends and family. The Heritage custom built Motorbike Hearse is available for those who love motorbikes either now, in days gone by, or perhaps those just wanting something a little different – a final, special journey and memory.

The options are truly endless with how you can make a funeral unique to your loved one and bringing this touching element will help guests honour their life.

If you require more information and assistance planning a funeral, please don’t hesitate to call the compassionate team at Australian Heritage Funerals on 07 4634 9946