Popular funeral flowers and their meanings

Flowers are a meaningful way to show your love during difficult times and can bring comfort during those times.


To help you choose the right flowers, we selected some of the most popular types of sympathy flowers along with their flower meanings so that you can honour a loved one who has passed.



Lilies are often interpreted as a symbol that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state. Lily means sympathy, majesty and purity.



White chrysanthemums are usually used to symbolise grief and mourning, while red chrysanthemums mean deep love. In general, this flower means truth, grief and loyalty.




Roses have different meanings following its different colours. Red roses represent love and respect for the departed. Yellow roses represent friendship, and pink roses represent appreciation.

White roses represent purity, reverence, and innocence. They are perfect for expressing condolences, no matter the relationship.



Orchids symbolise admiration and are traditionally gifted as a sign of respect. All species and varieties of orchids are appropriate to give as funeral flowers.

Purple orchids, which mean admiration, respect, dignity and royalty, would be perfect for a person that helped shape who you are today.


Blue orchids, that mean precious and rare, are appropriate for the funeral of a baby or young child, irrespective of their gender.


Pink orchids, which mean grace, innocence, or femininity, are a great choice for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and girls.


Red orchids, that mean strength and courage, are perfect funeral flowers for a man, woman, a member of the military, or a person that bravely battled cancer or another illness.



White orchids are appropriate funeral flowers for anyone and mix beautifully with other colours.  White orchids mean reverence and humility, innocence and purity, or elegance and beauty.



Carnations are popular sympathy flowers that symbolise admiration. They also represent a mother’s enduring love, are and commonly used for arrangements at a mother’s or grandmother’s funeral.



Tulips symbolise new beginnings, forgiveness and deep love for the departed. Tulip can also mean love, confidence and rebirth.


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