Questions you may have about Funerals in the Current Environment

Wednesday, 28 April 2021


Are you still open during the pandemic?

Yes, we certainly are open and committed to helping families farewell their loved ones respectfully and within the current government guidelines.

We are continuing to operate 24/7 to serve our families during this time.

The health, safety and well being of the families we serve and our team is of upmost importance to us. We have been providing funeral and memorial services to Australians for many decades and will always put our client families at the heart of everything we do.

How many people can attend the funeral?

Please note the following recent change to the QLD funeral attendance.

Funerals held indoors can have whichever is greater:

200 people; or One person per 2 square metres; or 100 per cent capacity with ticketed and allocated seating.

Funerals in an indoor space still have to collect individual contact information and comply with other requirements of this Direction.

A record of names and contact details of each guest must be kept for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum period of 56 days for indoor funerals to assist in contact tracing if required.

Funerals held outdoors have no limit on the number of people who can attend.

Funerals in an outdoor space do not have an occupant density and do not have to collect contact information but must comply with other requirements of this Direction.

Funerals performed in a private residence will be limited to the maximum number of people allowed under the Movement and Gathering Direction, if there is no COVID Safe Plan, Checklist or Event Checklist in place.

Please discuss with your Funeral Consultant the maximum number of people  allowable inside your chosen venue, as each venue differs.

We are staying close to the most up to date information available from the Australian Government’s Department of Health, external medical experts and liaising with the Australian Funeral Directors Association ( AFDA)  and will keep you updated.

Do you do live webstreaming?

Yes we do. We can organise live webstreaming for you, so family and friends can join in and watch live from our Chapels and any other venue including Graveside services. This is a simple matter, an email is sent with directions and viewers are invited to join.

Can I include others in my loved ones funeral?

To adhere to the new regulations, we encourage families to utilize our live web streaming, and recording audio-visual technology, to stream the service out so others around Australia and across the world are able to watch and join you in spirit. We can organise this for you in our Chapels and for Outdoor services.

Grandchildren or others not able to attend, could record a video message to be  played at the service. Or written messages, could be read out during the service.

Send a “Hug From Home” – contact us on and we will place your name and message on a balloon placed at the service and given to the family afterwards.


If we are burying our loved one, can more people attend the burial because it is being held outside?

There is no limit on numbers for outside services.

What happens if my loved one had Coronavirus?

We are certainly able to care for your loved one if they had Coronavirus. We have cared for people through many times of crisis and we are here for you in this time of crisis also.  However, there are certain guidelines from the Department of Health which would be discussed with you at the time to ensure you have the most relevant and up to date information.

What are you doing to ensure everyone’s safety?

We have increased our cleaning and sanitising procedures to include cleaning after each service, viewing or guests visiting our building, including special attention to high use areas.

We are providing Hand sanitiser stations before you enter the building and in various frequently used areas.

We are providing Hand sanitiser at all our Services, both Chapel and Graveside, for use by all guests.

We are careful to maintain social distance for your peace of mind during these meetings.

Much or even all the Funeral arrangements can also be made by Phone and Email if preferred or due to travel restrictions.

Can we still view our loved one?

We want to reassure you that we are working within current restrictions to ensure that as many family and friends, who wish to, have the opportunity to view the loved one and say a final goodbye.

How can I let the family know I am thinking about them?

Sending flowers, is a simple yet meaningful gesture. Those sent to our funeral home, will be taken to the funeral service and given to the family.

Send a “Hug From Home” – contact us on and we will place your name and message on a balloon placed at the service and given to the family afterwards.

Send a Condolence message though our website. You will find the link at the bottom of the Funeral notice, if the family has chosen to place this on our website or email to and we will give your message to the family.

Send a Sympathy card with heartfelt message.  A card or note can provide comfort and let’s those who are grieving know that you are thinking about them. If you are not sure of the address, you can send the card to us at PO Box 18129 Clifford Gardens and we will forward it on the the family.

Are you still open for me to Pre-arrange my funeral?

We are still offering our Pre-arranged and Pre-paid services to those people who are wishing to plan and pay for their funeral service ahead of time, however we do ask you to ring and make a suitable appointment.

Can you help us with organizing a Memorial service in the future?

Current restrictions are preventing very large gatherings and many with people joining from all over Australia and the world by live streaming. In the future, many families are planning larger, inclusive Memorial Services to allow the wider community to farewell their loved one. We can help you plan and hold these larger Memorial services, so feel welcome to call on us to help you in the future, when restrictions are eased.