Support for When You Can’t Attend a Funeral

Friday, 28 October 2022

Dealing with a loved one passing is often a difficult task, especially if you can’t physically attend their funeral service. There are many reasons you may not be able to attend a funeral, such a living in another region or overseas, not being well enough to travel, or being unable to travel at short notice, work commitments, or other obligations. Although it will never replace the comfort of being there personally, there are however several ways in which you can still be involved in supporting the grieving family members.

Utilize Technology to Support from a Distance

Today’s technology has allowed us to be present in places that we physically can’t be.

We provide professional, discrete funeral live streaming services for friends and family across Australia and the world. We understand circumstances may prohibit you from being able to attend a loved ones funeral service, we also understand that family members should be able to celebrate their loved ones life together, so family and friends who are not able to travel or attend, may watch, and join you in spirit.

You could also record a video message to be played at the service. Or written messages, to be read out during the service.

Sending Flowers & Cards

Sending traditional gifts to family members when a loved one passes is one of the greatest ways to show support and send condolences.

If you can’t attend the funeral, you are welcome to use our ‘Hugs from Home’ service to send a message by using the form here. You can let the family know you are thinking about them and send your love, your message will be printed on a beautiful card and given to family members.

Flowers and cards are a beautiful way to express your thoughts. Consider sending flowers that your loved on favoured or select colours that brighten up a room.

Offer Ongoing Support

In the time immediately after someone passes, family members are often inundated with support from family and friends. In the weeks after a funeral, when most others have moved on, is when family members can often feel lonely and overwhelmed in adapting to their new life.

Spending time with the grieving is something that will stay with them forever. If you can be there with them physically it can be a great opportunity to show you are still thinking about their loss. Try to plan a trip to visit them a little while after their loved one has passed. If you can’t be present, then talking to them regularly on the phone is a great way to let them know they are being continually thought of.