The Sustainable Funeral Trend

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

As people become more environmentally aware, and funeral options expand, it makes sense that people are asking more questions about environmentally friendly funerals.

A green funeral (also known as a ‘green burial’) is a funeral that seeks to make as little impact on the environment as possible. The specifics of a green burial vary widely, but typically they require far fewer resources for the care of the body and may take place in natural cemetery grounds.

If your loved one requested an eco-funeral, or it’s something you and your family are considering, this guide will help with this decision.


After Cremation, there are many options for the Ashes, one of these is to use an eco-friendly urn which are fully biodegradable. We have many available made from Cardboard or bamboo.  Some are also available which feature a container at the bottom for the cremated remains and a space at the top where a seed can be planted for a tree. The whole urn is then planted in the ground, or in a large pot, which grows into a beautiful living memorial.

Also, biodegradable and ocean safe are the floating urns which make it possible to float cremated remains off in the ocean. As the urn takes on water it slowly sinks, returning the urn to the depths below.


Wicker or willow coffins are environmentally friendly, whilst meeting current legislative requirements. Willow is a complete natural product with the coffin lining being made of calico. Sustainable pine timber coffins are a beautiful and natural solution as well as being biodegradable.

Cardboard coffins are also an option, they can come in a range of wonderful decorative prints as well as in natural colour or white, which can be decorated by family members. This itself can be a beautiful way for the family to come together to grieve, while sharing stories and memories as they decorate the coffin or choose to personalize the coffin for the funeral.

Having a sustainable funeral is a choice that many people make because it is a continuation of the way they lived their lives. Sustainable funerals are not for everyone, and many people still prefer more traditional selections. The choice is always yours.

Be assured that at Australian Heritage Funerals, we strive to care for the environment is all we do. Our Environmental Care Policy is about minimizing environmental impact whilst still providing the best of care and service. For example, our building is fitted with banks of Solar panels, we minimize the use of non-recyclable products, particularly for our catering services, re-cycle cardboard and packing materials and other items where possible and we choose to use the most environmentally safe products available.

If you’re considering taking an environmentally friendly approach to your funeral and final resting place, the team at Australian Heritage Funerals are on hand to advise on the options available.