Thoughtful Keepsakes

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Cremation ashes are traditionally placed in a Niche or Columbarium wall, scattered, buried, or kept in an urn, but sometimes it is helpful to have a small keepsake with which to remember loved ones. Such an object can be very helpful throughout the grieving process and beyond. These days memorial keepsake jewellery can be for keeping a photo close to your heart, for keeping a pinch of cremation ashes in, or a lock of hair. Sometimes just a heart, an angel, a tear, or a cross can be comforting symbol to wear.

Whether you’re buying a piece for yourself, as a remembrance of a loved one, or choosing a gift for a bereaved friend, we have put together a selection of the most beautiful pieces we could find for you. There is a wide range of prices, shapes, and styles, to suit all pockets.

Cremation Bracelet

A meaningful and heartful collection of Cremation Memorial Jewellery, Treasure cremation jewellery is a comforting and unique way to keep the memory of a loved one close. A small compartment inside the cremation jewellery can be filled with ashes.

Cremation Necklace Pendant

By carrying their memory with you throughout your day-to-day life, the connection you share with them will always be present wherever you go. Our cremation necklaces may allow you to feel close and connected to the beautiful memories you and your loved one created together. Each pendant comes with a 45” (extendable upon request) sterling silver chain. With proper care, this piece will last a lifetime and beyond as an heirloom for future generations.

Men’s Keepsake Jewellery

Our range of men’s keepsake jewellery and accessories, all beautifully crafted to incorporate whatever it is you desire to keep close to your heart at all times. A loving and artistic way to honour and remember your loved one.


Birthstone Jewellery  

A birthstone is assigned to each month of the year, honouring the month which someone was born. For a memorial idea that is modern, elegant, and high quality. These Belgium designed and made pieces each hold a small amount of cremations.


Heart in their Hand

Created by a mum who, when she lost her son, wanted a way to stay connected. Heart in their Hand gives you a way to feel close to your loved one by placing the pop out heart in their hand and keeping the rest safe with you.


Loosing someone special is never easy. If you, or a loved one has lost a someone important to them, these memorial jewellery ideas above are a great gift idea, it is a reminder that you can keep your loved ones close to your hearts no matter what the future brings.

We encourage you to discuss your thoughts with us. At Australian Heritage Funerals, we can access a wide range of resources to help you celebrate a life, alternatively, you can view the range here