Loss of Spouse

Everything changes after the loss of a spouse or partner. For many, this was the person we spent most of our time with. This is who we made our plans with, the one who shared our worries. Every part of the past, present and future revolved around this person, and to be without them is... Read more

Sibling Loss

Sibling relationships play a unique role in our lives. Our brothers and sisters can often become the first person we confide in, the first relationship we share a solid history with, feel understood by, learn constructive conflict with, and provide emotional support too. We often assume that our siblings are going to stick with us... Read more

Funeral Plans with a Personal Touch

From customised memory boards showcasing special photographs, to music and symbols of life’s interests, there is a lot of choice when it comes to the personalisation of funerals. Personalisation gives families a chance to add special touches to the service that remind them of their loved one as they say their final goodbyes. As your... Read more

Hearse Personalisation

There are few tasks more moving or necessary than transporting a loved one to their final place of rest. The funeral transport is an important part of the funeral preparations. The final journey can be an emotional and poignant part of the service and often families look to personalise this by selecting a vehicle to... Read more

Eulogy Preparation

When a loved one passes away, we want to pay tribute to their life in a meaningful way. For loved ones, honouring cherished memories and accomplishments is an important part of the grieving process. This step helps commemorate their legacy in a way that feels true to their memory and the values they had. Writing... Read more