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Burial Versus Cremation – What to Consider When Deciding Between Both?

The choice between burial and cremation is an important and often an emotional issue; it is helpful if each person makes this decision and tells family members before they pass away so their wishes can be followed. This difficult decision will come down to what’s right for you and your family, and this can be... Read more

What to consider when choosing a Funeral Director to plan a funeral ahead?

A Funeral Director’s main responsibility is to take on most of the burden of planning a funeral, following your wishes as closely as possible. Planning ahead can give you and your family some space to breathe, without worrying about the details of the funeral.   All funeral directors might appear the same at first glance,... Read more

Prepay your funeral with Guardian Plan for peace of mind and avoid inflation

Guardian Plan is a prepaid funeral plan which enables you to prepay selected funeral services for tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices. Why prepay with Guardian Plan? Guardian Plan is an Australian funeral plan. For more than 20 years Guardian Plan has been working with some of Australia’s best-known funeral homes, including Australian Heritage Funerals. Guardian... Read more

What to include in your funeral plan to make it beneficial for your family

When the time comes to hold a funeral, life is often in chaos. Lots of decisions need to be made, often many people are involved and a lot of information is required in a short space of time. Pre-planning the funeral is a simple process and involves meeting with us to record your personal and... Read more

Remembering loved ones during the Holiday season

The Holiday season is marked with celebrations that usually gather family and the closest friends. For those who had lost someone important recently or during that year, the holiday season can get back some grief triggers and can be particularly hard to handle.   Traditions, rituals, memories of previous holiday celebrations… different ways that bring... Read more