Burial and Cremation Options

The choice between burial and cremation is an important and often an emotional issue, it is helpful if each person makes this decision and tells family members before they pass away so their wishes can be followed.


  • In Toowoomba, the Garden of Remembrance Cemetery and the Drayton and Toowoomba Cemetery are available.
  • In Dalby – the Myall Remembrance Park.
  • In Warwick – the Warwick Council Cemetery as well as Eden Gardens are available.

Almost every town has its own cemetery and we are also able to provide services in Brisbane and other country areas as needed.

Burial options vary, with Lawn, Memorial Headstone Lawn and Monumental sections available.

Cemeteries provide beautiful, peaceful and well maintained resting places for your loved one.

Burial costs vary however, according to the cemetery of your choice. We are happy to advise you regarding the choices available. Additionally, most cemetery plots can be used for 2 burials, or even 3 in some cases or if you prefer. You are also be able to purchase two adjoining plots if required.

Cremation Options

The Toowoomba Crematorium is situated at the Garden of Remembrance Cemetery. We can also arrange services at other cremation facilities such as in Brisbane and other crematoriums in South East Queensland. For local cremation facilities, the services are held in our Chapel, and the coffin will be taken to the crematorium on the same day of the funeral unless discussed otherwise.

Current Government Legislation Concerning Cremation

If, as a part of your funeral arrangements you choose to be cremated, you should make a direction in writing to this effect, signed by yourself and witnessed. Such a direction can be included in your Will, or in your pre-arrangements or left as a separate document with your Executors. If you do not leave such a direction, and an eligible person in your family objects to cremation, your Executors have no alternative but to arrange for burial. Cremation cannot be arranged if there are written directions for burial contained in the will.

Placement of Ashes

Cremation offers more choice in the placement of cremated remains. The Garden of Remembrance has beautiful areas where the cremated remains or ashes can be placed in wall niches or garden areas, as do other cemeteries. Alternatively, the family can take the ashes and arrange to scatter them at a significant place, have them buried in a family grave, or keep them at home. The decision regarding the placement of ashes does not need to be made immediately, and we suggest you take time to consider the best option for your family.

Rest assured that if cremation is chosen, the coffin and the ornaments are always cremated –  and never re-used.


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