What to consider when choosing a Funeral Director to plan a funeral ahead?

Monday, 2 November 2020

A Funeral Director’s main responsibility is to take on most of the burden of planning a funeral, following your wishes as closely as possible.

Planning ahead can give you and your family some space to breathe, without worrying about the details of the funeral.


All funeral directors might appear the same at first glance, but they vary considerably in terms of style, experience, processes and the depth of care given by the staff members. Before choosing a funeral home, make sure you follow some steps.


1. Take some time to research


Don’t hurry when you are looking for the right funeral director. Take the time to research the options in your area.

Evaluate the Funeral Home services with your wishes in mind before narrowing down a couple to reach out to.


2. Make a comparison between the fees


After short-listing a few funeral homes, check out the prices and what specific services are covered in their packages to make sure they are suitable and reasonable for your budget.

When selecting a funeral director, many people (unfortunately) just accept the price they are quoted, not realising that they may have other options.

Make sure you ask for a breakdown of the prices before making the final choice and that you are comparing the same options.


3. Check recent reviews


Checking reviews of the funeral homes and directors gives you a chance of having a clear insight about the service quality and the type of values they hold.

The most recent reviews will typically be the most reliable.


4. If possible, visit the location


It is recommended that you visit the location in person to know if the space will accommodate the guests and to consider the facilities offered.


Ask about flexibility around customising/personalising your funeral arrangements.

It’s often these very personal touches that make your final farewell more meaningful, so you’ll want to know that every effort will be made to honour your family’s wishes.


Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions around how your loved one will be cared. You should have absolute transparency around how your loved one will be treated and cared for by your funeral director.

You should also be reassured about the qualifications of specialist service providers.


5. Make sure they can offer any services you’re looking for


Some funeral directors offer a range of special arrangements, such as eco-friendly options, natural burials, personalised coffin choices, and alternative contemporary options as well as the traditional funeral services.

It is advisable to discuss in advance any preferences or wishes you want to include in the funeral process to make sure everything you desire is included.

Most funeral directors recommend that your share your wishes in the very first meeting so that we can discuss what is possible together.


6. Ask about payment options


Ask the funeral director what kind of payment options available and what mode of payment is acceptable, so you are prepared.


Check whether the funeral director will need payment up-front or later on.


7. Listen to your ‘gut feeling’


A funeral is undoubtedly an essential part of celebrating a person’s life.

Consider all the above points and decide what makes you feel comfortable. Once you’ve chosen the right funeral home or director, you should feel relaxed about the funeral.


Australian Heritage Funerals helps people make the most suitable choice when it comes to funeral services.

We are proud to be part of something so meaningful, by helping families arrange funeral services that are thoughtful, meaningful and appropriate for the person but with affordable options.